Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hip & Hop Don't Stop by Jef Czekaj


Rating: 4 dropped beats.

Hip and HOp are a turtle and a rabbit...
They make friends with each other.
They are rappers.
They have a rapping contest competition and they are working together.
When they rap alone, they are boring and annoying.
But they rap together and make good rap singing.

I really liked the funny rapper references:
Queen Latreefrog
Notorious P.I.G. 
and a bunch more.

Izze liked the artwork, it was short and sweet enough for a 3 year old. And it made me laugh, so it wins for both of us!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cupcake by Charise Mercile Harper


Rating: 4 Rainbow Sprinkles.

Cupcake was born, he has so many brothers and sisters.
LIKE 8!!
Cupcake didn't have fancy things. He was plain.
But I like plain cupcakes, they're my favorite. Well, I like any cupcakes really!
Cupcake is so sad, you know? He didn't get picked.
But Candle is his friend and he puts stuff on his head! HAHA!
That's so funny.

This book really is darling, what a cute story of being yourself and accepting your friends the way they are.
And also about working together. The illustrations are very sweet and Izze loved them.

Vegan note: Cupcake was born by mixing an EGG with other ingredients. Izze caught that too. She said, "You don't need an egg to make cupcakes, that would be 'asgusting' and gross!" (agusting= disgusting)

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!

And we have a trillion and one reviews!! I'm so excited to catch back up. Izze's changed a lot since her first reviews. I think you'll all be happy to see them.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Poodle I Don't By Lauren Child


Rating:  4 Fancy Poodle Ponchos

A poodle, her is a poodle...
Trixie Tinkle Twinky Toes... Her name is Really Trixie Twinkle Toes
She so fancy... but she not wanna be.

Izze got it right on the money, but she actually really loved this book. She thinks it's funny how much a fancy dog wants to not be fancy. Lauren Child never fails to make a charming book we both love to read.

Pigs Make Me Sneeze! By Mo Willems

Rating: 4 tissues

Gerald keep sneezing!!
He think he is 'lergic to Piggie

Then he say "Maybe cats make me sneeze too!"

Gerald really just have a cold

He sick!

She giggled the entire time she told me about this book!

We haven't read a single book by Mo Willems we both don't mind reading over and over!
Elephant and Piggie books are at the top of our list.
We both love the way Mo Willems uses subtle body language to get his point across.
Even Izze notices the character's bodies.
Elephant and Piggie books are easy to read and it won't be long until Izze is reading these books to me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A bit of delay.

October, being the busiest month in our family... with a birthday every week and of course, the most important birthday of them all on the 31st we're taking a small break. We'll be in Portland this week, but we're going to an awesome book store there, so hopefully we'll have some great new books to review!


Izze and her mama

Friday, September 18, 2009

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals by Ruby Roth

Rating: 5 happy chickens.

"This book is special, cause we not eat animals!
We love cows, we don't eat em'
If I saw a cow, he wouldn't bite me. He don't!
I'd really like to hug him.
There are sad chickens and sad pigs and sad ducks
But they wouldn't be so sad if we don't eat them.
It's my job...
My job is to not eat them."

I think she said it best.

This is a great book. It's about time a kids book about being vegan came out that isn't over the top, that isn't too schmultzy and at the same time is straight to the point.
We plan on buying this book a few times over. It would be very helpful to donate to a classroom for a teacher to better understand and for other kids to better understand why it is WE don't eat animals, they can decide for themselves if it's something they're going to do or not do. But WE don't eat animals and this book represents several reasons why.

The illustrations are very darling and I would love to have some of the prints (of the happy animals) in Izze's room.

I would give this book a lot more than 5 happy chickens! More like 100!