Monday, August 31, 2009

Boris and the Snoozebox by Leigh Hodgkinson


Rating: 4 kitty purrs.


I find a bird on every page! (This is only partially true, there are a lot of birds).
Boris is a cat, he "leepy" (sleepy)
He in a box.
"We not want this cat!"
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!
Boris be sad.
Mr. Marshmallow eat only fish!
We ever not have a cat, he would eat "Oviler"
(Oliver is Izze's fish).
Then he find a lady!
She sooo happy!


Izze loves the art, the collage style.

Vegan note: Mr. Marshmallow eats fish from The South Pole. Boris wishes he had fish, because he was hungry.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Mia by Pija Lindenbaum


Rating: 4 Fabulous Darlings!

Mini Mia (whose real name is Ella). Loves her Uncle Tommy, they always do fun things together. Then Uncle Tommy's new boyfriend, Fergus starts crowding their fun dates. Mia, wishes he'd just disappear... but he doesn't.


Izze's summary:

Mini Mia... she have a darling Uncle.
They are doing fun stuff.
Her darling uncle make she hair colors.
Mini Mia not like Fergus.
She gets mad.
OH!! Mini Mia is naughty!!

Mini Mia is big like me when I swim under the water.
Then she like Fergus.


I like that, although it's never said, this book nonchalantly has a gay couple. It's not about being gay, the characters just happen to be gay. The little girl doesn't think twice about the relationship, just that she wants Fergus gone!

Izze loves Mini Mia's personality. It really comes through in the writing. She also loves how upset she gets!

The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz


Rating: 5 Pumpkin cookies



Izze's summary: (She's pretending to be the pumpkin...)
No pumpkins quite like me.
I not getting picked.
I getting tricked!
I alone.
Trees are miling.
They they are throwing apples!
I cry...



I love this book's illustrations and simple, but not cheesy rhyming tone. It's a great story of not fitting in. We read it year round, not just at Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Izze loves: "OH MY GOSH!! I A QUASH!!!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our New Book Blog

Izze and I looooove to read books. We check out 20-30 books a week if not more. We read them over and over and over. Reading that many books means we find our share of AWESOME and not so awesome.

We find creepy, we find sweet, we find boring and we find books we end up buying we love them so much.

We're going to try to review a book at least once a week.

We'll summarize the book then Izze will highlight her for favorite or least favorite parts and I'll do the same.

We'll rate it and we'll categorize it.

Hopefully this blog grows and we get recommendations and people will hit up their libraries after reading our reviews!

Our first review will be up later today.

-Izze and Mama