Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hip & Hop Don't Stop by Jef Czekaj


Rating: 4 dropped beats.

Hip and HOp are a turtle and a rabbit...
They make friends with each other.
They are rappers.
They have a rapping contest competition and they are working together.
When they rap alone, they are boring and annoying.
But they rap together and make good rap singing.

I really liked the funny rapper references:
Queen Latreefrog
Notorious P.I.G. 
and a bunch more.

Izze liked the artwork, it was short and sweet enough for a 3 year old. And it made me laugh, so it wins for both of us!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cupcake by Charise Mercile Harper


Rating: 4 Rainbow Sprinkles.

Cupcake was born, he has so many brothers and sisters.
LIKE 8!!
Cupcake didn't have fancy things. He was plain.
But I like plain cupcakes, they're my favorite. Well, I like any cupcakes really!
Cupcake is so sad, you know? He didn't get picked.
But Candle is his friend and he puts stuff on his head! HAHA!
That's so funny.

This book really is darling, what a cute story of being yourself and accepting your friends the way they are.
And also about working together. The illustrations are very sweet and Izze loved them.

Vegan note: Cupcake was born by mixing an EGG with other ingredients. Izze caught that too. She said, "You don't need an egg to make cupcakes, that would be 'asgusting' and gross!" (agusting= disgusting)

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!

And we have a trillion and one reviews!! I'm so excited to catch back up. Izze's changed a lot since her first reviews. I think you'll all be happy to see them.