Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Mia by Pija Lindenbaum


Rating: 4 Fabulous Darlings!

Mini Mia (whose real name is Ella). Loves her Uncle Tommy, they always do fun things together. Then Uncle Tommy's new boyfriend, Fergus starts crowding their fun dates. Mia, wishes he'd just disappear... but he doesn't.


Izze's summary:

Mini Mia... she have a darling Uncle.
They are doing fun stuff.
Her darling uncle make she hair colors.
Mini Mia not like Fergus.
She gets mad.
OH!! Mini Mia is naughty!!

Mini Mia is big like me when I swim under the water.
Then she like Fergus.


I like that, although it's never said, this book nonchalantly has a gay couple. It's not about being gay, the characters just happen to be gay. The little girl doesn't think twice about the relationship, just that she wants Fergus gone!

Izze loves Mini Mia's personality. It really comes through in the writing. She also loves how upset she gets!

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